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“Editorial Office were immediately both enthusiastic about beginning a working relationship with BJUI and were also very reassuring about their ability to comfortably manage the workload.”

Scott Millar, Managing Editor,BJUI and BJUI Compass

As with many businesses, 2020-2021 included unsettling, as well as surprising times. BJUI saw a huge increase in journal paper submissions in the first six months of the Covid-19 pandemic and when a staff member left, there was a danger the team could be overwhelmed. Together, Editorial Office has ensured that not only has any overwhelm been avoided, but that BJUI are now using their systems in a more integrated and efficient way thanks to the sharing of expertise and experience.

Outsourcing over recruitment

When BJUI saw a significant increase in the number of submissions in the early months of the pandemic, they needed to consider outsourcing once more – a path they had been considering for a while, in light of changing requirements for the in-house team, resulting from the transition to a new Editor-in-Chief and new Editorial Team, and the launch of a sister open access journal. When a staff member left in May 2020, in amongst all that was occurring, outsourcing to a trusted, established business for support with peer-review management, became very appealing. 

BJUI’s publisher, Wiley, recommended Editorial Office based on the experiences of their other journals we have worked on together – and we knew immediately we could not only help, but also avoid any overwhelm or further stress for the BJUI team, at an already difficult time worldwide. 

Importantly to us, we wanted the transition to be as smooth as possible and to be seen as a valued part of the team.

Partner feedback

  • Absolutely recommend
  • Smooth transition akin to welcoming a colleague back
  • Calmly and efficiently handles the workload
  • Will continue to partner with Editorial Office indefinitely

We weight our work towards the start of the week when BJUI are busier, enabling them to start the week with clear desks to concentrate on journal development.

Partners who improve processes.

The BJUI account is led by staff member, Nicky Cotterill, and she prides herself on being both available when needed to answer enquiries or requests, as well as helping implement BJUI’s shifting requirements. We are structured in a way that allows us to be as flexible as you need us to be.

We have also shared with BJUI insightful advice. For example, with the ScholarOne submission system where we have considerable experience, across a great number of journals, we could analyse BJUI’s current processes and make sensible suggestions to support them as they re-shaped their submission process to suit the new Editor and his team. Learn more about our Workflow Support services here.

In a crazy time for many, we have thoroughly enjoyed seeing the development of BJUI and their new team. We feel delighted and honoured that they plan to continue to partner with us indefinitely.

“The transition was as smooth as it could possibly be – like welcoming an experienced colleague back into the team.”

Scott Millar, Managing Editor,  BJUI and BJUI CompassVisit the BJUI website