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“Essentially, EO’s services make my job a lot easier…Editorial Office has taken a load off my shoulders, and allows me to focus on other pressing commitments.”

- Selma Maloumi, Editor, Journal of Wound Care

Selma Maloumi joined as a new editor when EO was already engaged in providing editorial services. In this case study, Selma shares how working together has supported her in her new role, as well as given her more time and streamlined processes. This has ensured the peer review process continues to move along quickly and efficiently.

A new editor in a new role

Starting a new role is always daunting, but Selma highlighted how having EO ‘by her side’ has helped in so many ways. Facilitating peer review, streamlining the process by bridging the gap between herself and authors, and providing support with the Journal of Wound Care mailbox by sifting through queries, and only sending them her way if further advice is required, has all added up to more time for Selma to focus on more pressing commitments.

Together, we have developed a more diligent submission checklist to ensure that for the submissions that do eventually get published, they have all the crucial elements required for publication such as correct scope, ethical approval/patient consent, high quality figures, correct citation and consistent reference format, to name a few.

All of these significant improvements have led to making Selma’s job easier.

Feeling supported by an experienced team

Building relationships is strong value for Editorial Office and we are delighted that this was reflected in Selma’s experience. She mentioned:

“The ease of communication; the trust that was easily developed, and the efficiency has been consistent since I started. Also, the friendly yet professional nature which makes the whole experience very pleasant.”

Selma has worked closely with Gill Smith, our director, since starting. She found that her approach has been ‘incredibly supportive, communicative, efficient and proactive’. We also thrive to be flexible to ensure our support works in sync with the nuances of a particular journal. Once again Selma reflected this, stating:

“very open, accepting and supportive when I suggest new ways of tweaking processes, which will eventually have a knock-on effect on the quality of papers that we publish and also save more time for myself and my team.”


Partner feedback

  • Open, accepting and supportive
  • Ease of communication and efficiency
  • Easily developed trust working together
  • Improved author communication and paper progress
  • Gained time and space to keep journal expanding

Streamlining processes.

Selma identified one of the main advantages of working with Editorial Office was streamlined processes.

She explained how, together, we have managed to unblock the flow of papers that were stuck in the system following previous changes to the editorial team. Now, papers are moving through the peer review process a lot faster. In turn, this has helped build trust with authors, as they are provided with updates as their paper progresses through, and they are reassured that the systems at the Journal of Wound Care are active and moving.

The benefits of extra time

Lastly, we wanted to know about some of the benefits Selma had directly experienced, from her work with Editorial Office. She highlighted the time she has gained, that without us would have spent poring over Editorial Manager.

She explained:

“Every moment is crucial, so this has allowed me more time and space for other projects and to keep the journal moving and expanding…reaching its full potential.”

Working for a journal is always quite fast-paced, with monthly deadlines and targets to reach, and Selma identified that with our support she is in a better position to reach these, as required.

We are delighted that Selma feels supported to be successful in her new role and look forward to working with her to further develop processes, streamline communications, offer her authors a positive experience and ensure she maintains the time and space to build the Journal of Wound Care.

“Working with EO allows you to save time to pour into other responsibilities and, simultaneously, allows you to keep your journal moving, so you can focus on other ways to expand as a brand.”

- Selma Maloumi, Editor, Journal of Wound Care Visit Journal of Wound Care