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Pre Submission Checks

Speed your submission through to peer review with Editorial Office's pre-submission checks.


Upload your manuscript and let our experienced Editorial Assistants check your manuscript against the submission requriements for your chosen journal.  


Editorial Office currently checks over 130,000 new and revised submissions per year - spending over 14,000 hours on over 80 different medical and scientific journals.  This expertise is now available for your submission - helping you ensure that your mansucript meets all necessary requirements for a fast progression through to peer review in your chosen journal. 


We will check over 60 different elements of your manuscript including mandatory formatting, figures and tables, ethics and references, returning to you a fully annotated mansucript and seperate report. 

The full list is detailed on our pre-submission check list






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Ethics Statement Checks

Creating your ethics statement for your manuscript can be complicated as many journals required indepth and details ethics statements.  Getting the right information into a clear and concise can be time consuming and open to errors. 


Editorial Office has partnered with TaskAdept to provide a free author tool at to enable you to quickly and accurately create your ethics statement.   Once you have created your statement, we can check it's accuracy for you.  Simply upload your full manuscript (PDF preferrred) and the generated statement for our experienced ethic gurus to check the statement.  We will respond with an annotated ethics statement for your amendment.



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