Editorial Office offers you the flexibility to choose between our services and your changing needs because we have an array of fully-trained publishing specialist freelancers who can provide the right support for your needs.

Our experienced senior staff members oversee our teams of managing editors, specialist scientific teams, editorial assistants and publishing assistants to provide reliable, valuable and progressive support.

When your journal is with us it is in safe hands. Each partner of ours is assigned a direct account manager, who is a senior member of staff. Furthermore, every member of the freelance team is directly managed by a staff member, fully trained and supported throughout their time with us.

Senior staff (UK)

All journals placed with us are assigned to one of our members of staff. With a minimum of 10 years of experience, each of them has responsibility for their own portfolio of journals.

For partnerships where there are a large group of journals, two staff members can also work together to ensure a high level of support to the team.

Managing editors (UK)

Placing a journal with us ensures that best practice is put in place and maintained throughout peer review.

The work flow processes are agreed with you, our partners, and we are happy to offer suggestions to ensure high-levels of efficiency, ensuring that all system automated options are utilised to their fullest extent.

Our managing editors provide oversight of our outsourced teams. They are also there for you to resolve any issues or complete an agreed escalation process, should that be necessary.

What you can expect from our Managing Editors:

  • Minimum of three years’ experience with Editorial Office
  • Full understanding of the peer review system used
  • Experience creating and running system reports
  • Line support from an in-house staff member
  • Replacement of an equally experienced and fully trained team member for holidays and sick leave

“Editorial Office were immediately both enthusiastic about beginning a working relationship with BJUI and were also very reassuring about their ability to comfortably manage the workload.”

Scott Millar, Managing Editor,BJUI and BJUI CompassRead the case study

Scientific teams (UK or Hungary)

We have developed a team of science specialists, qualified in life sciences to a minimum of Master’s degree.

They are experienced in sourcing and securing reviewers, supporting editors and helping to ensure that papers move through the review process without delay.

Our scientific team utilise your system’s reviewer database, plus PubMed, GoogleScholar and Publons.

We are expert at creating Boolean search strings which search efficiently on keywords, while ensuring that there is no conflict of interest with the authors of the paper.

We have proven results. We have worked with BMJ Open for over 6 years and last year, we are proud to have assisted their editors by securing over 14,450 reviewers on nearly 5,000 individual submissions.

What you can expect from our Scientific Teams:

  • Qualified to Master’s degree level or above
  • Experienced in search techniques for sourcing reviewers
  • Excellent rates of success with securing suitable academics
  • Identifying nuances of expertise and specialisms across the life sciences
  • Swift turn around times
  • Conflicts of interest management

“EOL have been providing editorial assistance to BMJ Open since May 2015. During this time, we have found them to be highly professional and productive while taking care to meet our editorial requirements. The team is knowledgable and efficient in carrying out the required processes. I would not hesitate to recommend them – please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.”

Adrian Aldcroft, Editor in Chief, BMJ Open

Editorial assistants (UK or Hungary)

For many high volume journals, we understand that emails and other administrative daily tasks can take up a large percentage of the time required. It distracts your managing editors from important tasks, such as reporting and planning.

We have editorial assistants, based in the UK and Hungary. They all offer high levels of accuracy and productivity with an excellent understanding of customer service.

What you can expect from our Editorial Assistants:

  • Fully trained by Editorial Office’s Senior Team members and Managing Editors
  • Experience of author and reviewer emails
  • Excellent spoken and written English
  • Peer review system experience
  • Experienced in all publication requirements (Research Ethics declarations, COI, Financial Disclosure, Data Availability )
  • Line support from a dedicated managing editor or staff member

Publishing assistants (Hungary or India)

With the current pandemic, there has been a spike in submissions. Keeping your ‘new and revised’ queues within a 24 hour turnaround time can be a resourcing nightmare.  Could we step in and lessen the load?

Our team of journal publishing assistants are fully trained in all aspects of checking new and revised submissions. They are accurate, effective and swift.

What you can expect from our Publishing Assistants:

  • New and revised submissions checked in a timely fashion – no back log
  • Attention to detail and accurate checking of all papers
  • Swift support to help you maintain your commitment to target turnaround times
Extensive knowledge of:
  • Research ethics (human and animal studies)
  • Data Availability
  • Copyright
  • Financial Disclosure and Competing Interests
  • iThenticate

Passionate about productivity.

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