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EOL work across a range of our journals, supporting us during busy periods and holidays. Their experience enables them to step into all our submission workflows and to navigate our busy and varied inboxes.

Emilie Aimé, Senior Managing Editor, British Ecological Society

How many unopened emails do you have? An overflowing inbox can be stressful, not to mention unhappy authors and reviewers waiting for your reply. It’s time to let us correspond, file, sort and manage.

We offer email management to support editors, authors and reviewers, ensuring all peer review related enquiries are answered swiftly, to keep the process running smoothly. General inbox support can be offered to help your team achieve more.

Each week, at a glance:

5,267 Emails sent in 416.45 hours
Av. 4.74 mins / emails

What type of email management services are offered?

We can take care of all elements of email, including inbox management, out of office bounces and automatic replies.

How is your email management effective?

We will never leave your inbox unchecked. This ensures that no important emails are missed, the inbox never accumulates unnecessarily and progress, dependent on a response, continues to move along swiftly.

Depending on the content of the email, we are happy to send a holding response on your behalf. This enhances your client, author and editor care, as well as illustrating a professional level of efficiency. Where possible, and with your guidance, we can also complete actions requested in an email, reducing any delay or bottleneck.

Why should we adopt your email management system?

Our years of experience ensure that we can recommend and implement systems to ensure continued, efficient email management.

Reduce overwhelm in your team and let us help you to get back on top of your inbox.

We follow a simple three step system – delegate, do, delete. We will flag to you any important messages and actions needing your attention. We will complete actions requested where agreed. We will delete spam and unimportant messages to ensure your inbox remains manageable.

Other services.

Workflow support

Don’t let a sudden spike in submissions or a gap in staffing affect your productivity.

Peer review management

Our refined processes ensure all of your submissions are thoroughly checked, daily.

Sourcing and securing reviewers

Use our skilled team to source and secure verified reviewers for your submissions.