At Editorial Office we provide far greater transparency in billing than anyone else by developing and using bespoke timing software.  

Daily reports look like this:


TASKADEPT Timer Toolbar

This is a bespoke add-on to Firefox and Chrome which is mandatory for all team members. The toolbar has a range of business and collaboration benefits:


  • Automatically tracks time worked, detailing

    • Time spent on each paper or SalesForce email

    • Task undertaken during this time

  • Provides real-time data of current work being undertaken

  • Provides detailed audit trail for individual papers for EOL time spent

    • User

    • Task

    • Start and stop time and date

    • Duration of task

  • Jump to function: permits the operator to ‘jump’ immediately to another paper currently being worked on
    by another EOL team member, enabling quick collaboration and query response

  • Session history: allows the user to ‘jump back’ to any paper worked during their session.

  • Duplicate user warning: provides real-time notification that another EOL team members is working on an individual paper to prevent duplication of work.

  • Bespoke warnings: provides real-time warning or reminders such as indicating that a paper requires a particular process


TaskAdept is currently configured for

Peer Review Systems

  • AllenTrack

  • Carbon (SAGE Insights)

  • EditorialManger

  • EES

  • eJPress

  • Evise

  • PeerJ

  • ScholarOne Manuscripts


CRM Systems

  • SalesForce

Production Systems

  • Kriya

The toolbar is tailored to work with web-based application by identifying the location of key fields within the HTML of the application pages (e.g. Manuscript ID, Status, Title, etc.). It can be configured for most web based systems.  For more information, please visit



ETHICSGEN Statement Generator

This is a new free author tool developed to aid authors with their ethics statement prior to submission. We are currently undertaking a proof of concept trial with the aim to demonstrate that use of this tool could help speed papers through journal submission checks. EthicsGen can be found at

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