"Our freelance team continues to surprise and amaze me with the speed they adapt, the information they absorb and the professionalism they portray."

Gill Smith, Director, EOL

Editorial Office (EOL) has been in existence for over 20 years now. 

In our marketing or on our website, we could accurately state that we have “over 153 years of combined experience’’, however, that feels like it’s bordering on the ridiculous!  But, it is true…!

Let me break that figure down and explore what I really mean by “experience” …it’s so much more than numbers.

60 years thanks to the Senior Team

We have a core team of 10 employees. This includes myself, Gill (20 years), as well as my fellow Director, Alice (27 years), and the delightful Mel (13 years), our Account Manager. We are the Senior Team….with 60 years of experience.

Together, we handle the management of the company and the initial relationships with our clients and partners. Mel has worked with EOL since 2009 and has taken on many challenges, battled many systems, and assisted many journals. She has one of ‘those’ heads that figures out the logistics and implements the plans. 

This is how we gain experience – with a wide and broad variety of challenges…many many types of journals…lots and lots of different people, publishers and societies.

93 years thanks to the Editorial Team

Working alongside us we have the Editorial Team: Liz gets the badge for longest service at 19 years, then Nicky closely behind at 18 years. 

Annette, Wendy, Sue,Tracy and, the newly appointed, Sheila, clock up the remaining 56 years.  

The publishing knowledge this awesome editorial group has gathered during this time is, quite honestly, remarkable. When they pool their combined knowledge, there is very little they haven’t encountered, seen, heard or dealt with, and this brings our customers the most amazing resource from which to draw.    

…and freelancers with combined years of experience too many to count

We also have a freelance team of over 140 individuals, many of whom have worked with us for 10-18 years. 

Each of the Editorial Team are responsible for groups of customers and, in turn, teams of freelancers.  Training is very hands-on, working with the freelance members to explore and enhance their strengths and abilities, which ultimately feeds back to our customer base. 

All of that experience is constantly filtering through.

Our freelance team continues to surprise and amaze me with the speed they adapt, the information they absorb and the professionalism they portray.

Benefit from our publishing experience

Let us share with you what we know.

I’m very proud of EOL, of who we are and how we work. 

I believe that our team, our approach and our knowledge is one of the finest in editorial services.  

This whole, combined effect, to my mind, is what is unique about what we bring to the table for our partners.

When you work with EOL, you will see that:

  • we do know our stuff
  • we share valuable insight and a deep understanding of editorial processes in peer review
  • we continue to evolve and develop accordingly
  • each member of our extensive team is stepping forward daily and gaining new insights into publishing and ways of handling new information.

So, when a new client comes to us, when a new enquiry peeks around the corner; or when an existing partner asks a question of our team, we draw from our extensive collective knowledge. This to me is the true meaning of ‘experience’.

Do you want to benefit from our extensive experience and collective knowledge? .

Visit Our services pages to learn all about the range of support we can offer and get in touch with us. We’d love to hear about your current needs and requirements.

What does ‘experience’ actually mean to Editorial Office?

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Written by Gill Smith, Director