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“The ease of communication, the trust that was easily developed, and the efficiency has been consistent...the friendly yet professional nature makes the whole experience very pleasant.”

Selma Maloumi, Editor, Journal of Wound Care, Mark Allen Group

How much time are your editors spending on sourcing and securing reviewers? Let our dedicated team provide you with a list of willing experts, ready and waiting to review your papers.

At Editorial Office, we have a team of science specialists, qualified to a minimum of Master’s degree level, who are experienced in sourcing and securing reviewers from a wide range of professional backgrounds.

In 2020…

16,000 Reviewers secured
on nearly 6,000 individual submissions for BMJ Open

Sourced reviewers for23,941 individual papers
across 20 separate journals in a total of 23,524 hours

That’s an average of 58 mins for each paper – with a minimum of 2 reviewers per paper. 


How do you research and source reviewers?

Our scientific team utilise your system’s reviewer database, plus PubMed, GoogleScholar and Publons.

We are expert at creating Boolean search strings which search efficiently on keywords, while ensuring that there is no conflict of interest with the authors of the paper.

How do you secure the reviewers?

Based on each journal’s individual reviewer criteria our team ensure that each reviewer is verified prior to an invitation being sent.  We then work within an agreed procedure to follow up each invitation to secure the required number of reviews as quickly as possible.

Our experience in searching and verifying reviewers ensures our high success rate for attaining suitable reviewers in a highly productive manner.

What can we expect by using your reviewer services?

You can expect results. 

Our partnerships have benefited from our experienced team:

We have worked with BMJ Open for over 6 years. Last year, we are proud to have assisted their editors to secure over 14,450 reviewers on nearly 5,000 individual submissions.

Importantly, you will receive a list of reviewers ‘primed and ready’ to review – saving you time and ensuring you can focus on moving the process forward.

We fully explain the process and expectations so that you get high quality reviews which are truly helpful for your editors and for your authors.

Other Services.

Workflow support

Don’t let a sudden spike in submissions or a gap in staffing affect your productivity.

Peer review management

Our refined processes ensure all of your submissions are thoroughly checked, daily.

Peer review management

Our refined processes ensure all of your submissions are thoroughly checked, daily.