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"Editorial Office does a great job of managing their team assigned to SAGE Open. We are able to scale up and down as needed. When new team members are assigned to work on SAGE Open, I barely notice the change they select and train them so well.”

Bailey Baumann, Managing Editor, SAGE Open

You never know when you may need extra support. It is critical that with a rolling publishing schedule that workload does not build up. It’s time to invite us to step in and offer your team support. With our years of experience, we can take on whatever editorial tasks you need.

Don’t let a gap in staffing affect your productivity. Whether it is illness, holiday or maternity cover, our experienced team of freelancers will fit seamlessly with your current team to ensure uninterrupted continuation of work and maintain high levels of board, editor and author support.

Each week, at a glance:

2,105 New submissions checked
in 222.77 hours – Ave 6.3 mins / submission

1,731Revised submissions checked
in 258.76 hours – Ave 8.9 mins / submission

“We first contracted Editorial Office to assist with our two journals during an internal change of staff. We have found them to be professional, knowledgeable and very easy to work with. I would not hesitate to recommend them.”

Tamar Ghosh, Chief Executive, Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene

What type of work flow support and office cover is offered?

Any – from holiday, to sick leave, to unforeseen absences – we are here to step in when you need us.

How is your editorial support different?

We are flexible – whether you need us in the short term or for longer we can accommodate this.

We are highly experienced – however you work, we pride ourselves on being able to step and get to work immediately.

We are productive – we want to ensure that our cover is effective and supportive so we will look at ways to ensure that we are working seamlessly alongside you and your team.

What can we expect after using your office cover?

  • Improved productivity – we pride ourselves on sharing our many years of experience to help small changes to ensure your processes are optimised.
  • Manageable workload – we offer support so that there is no need for a team member’s absence to cause stress or overwhelm to other team members.
  • True sense of support – we love partnering with the same teams again and again, so when you need us again just get in touch and we’ll be ready.

Other services.

Peer review management

Our refined processes ensure all of your submissions are thoroughly checked, daily.

Sourcing and securing reviewers

Use our skilled team to source and secure verified reviewers for your submissions.

Email management

We offer email management to support editors, authors and reviewers, ensuring all peer review related enquiries are answered swiftly.