Four Logos of FEBS Press

“The member of staff assigned to us was very knowledgeable and they fitted into our editorial process from the first day.”

Mary Purton, Publisher, FEBS Press

FEBS Press and Editorial Office have a long-term relationship, having first worked together from 2014-2016, and then again from 2018 until the present day.

We are proud to step in and offer support when they need it most – from busy submission times to staff absences.

Outsourcing for times when you need it most

Having met a representative of Editorial Office at a conference, FEBS Press approached us originally when a full-time administrative assistant had resigned. Unsure whether to take on a permanent replacement, FEBS turned to Editorial Office as an outsourcing solution.

Working together, we help FEBS manage fluctuations in their submissions, and also cover absences of permanent admin staff.

Our partnership has worked very well for many years and we are proud to support work on all four journals, including their flagship journal, The FEBS Journal.  We work regularly, at the beginning of each week, on FEBS Open Bio, as well, reviewing and clearing submissions, to set the team up for the rest of the working week.

Partner feedback

  • Experienced and knowledgeable
  • Dovetails with the work done by our in-house editorial staff
  • Seamlessly fit into our editorial process
  • Quick to apply their skills to the task
  • Assisted us in adjusting our workflow

At a glance:

4The number of years we have provided cover, each month, for at least one journal

Getting started quickly and efficiently.

FEBS Press have found that one of our USPs is the speed and efficiency with which we are able to adopt work on a new journal. 

Mary told us:

“Whenever we’ve asked Editorial Office to take on work for a new journal, the initial contact has been rapid and the questions asked have enabled us both see how the support on offer will dovetail with the work done by our in-house editorial staff.”

We are also delighted to know that whomever they have worked with from the Editorial Office freelance team, as well as their named editorial assistant, Wendy Tilley, each time the person has been quick to apply their skills to the task, and to communicate with us over any queries.  

Our breadth of expertise also meant that when FEBS Press switched to a new editorial management platform for one journal, we were able to assign an individual who had experience with the new platform and who could assist the team in effectively adjusting their previous workflow, for the new system.

We are proud to offer support no matter what new platforms, journals or processes our partners wish to implement.

“We find the expertise and flexibility enable us to keep our journals working smoothly.”

Mary Purton, Publisher, FEBS PressVisit the FEBS Press website