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“The staff go out of their way to be helpful and supportive.”

Andy Collings, Executive Editor, eLife

eLife and Editorial Office have been working together for nearly a decade. Offering ongoing support and building long-term relationships is vital to the improving the services we provide for all of our partners.

Building long-term working relationships

eLife began as a new organisation in 2012 and they decided that outsourcing would complement their in-house staff, as well as giving them the scope to adapt as submissions increased. Editorial Office was also able to offer great coverage for their authors, who received support far beyond eLife’s usual office hours. 

We pride ourselves on offering high levels of service and as a new organisation we aimed to ensure all initial communications were prompt, friendly and helpful – as eLife explain, ‘this set the tone for communications going forward’.

A few of the eLife team had worked with Editorial Office previously, so we were keen to continue the collaboration. The team felt confident that the service levels were high, and that our staff would go out of their way to be helpful and supportive.

Partner feedback

  • Support is seamless
  • The service level is very high
  • Communications are prompt, friendly and helpful 
  • We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Editorial Office to others.

At a glance:

9number of years working together, so far…

Diversifying support.

In June 2021 eLife came to us with a request to provide short-term support to their production team. Using our vast experience of their individual requirements we were able to seamlessly integrate into their production team to support the publication process and this support has now been extended further into 2022.

“Editorial Office quickly grasped our processes and workflows, and we remain impressed with their efficiency and attention to detail.”

Frederick Atherden,
Operations Manager, eLife

Seamlessly working with the eLife team.

It means a lot to us that eLife sees our support as seamless, and that they have felt this way from the start. We really feel like one big team.

As they have grown from a new to established organisation and journal, we have been able to share experiences and offer new ways to help when and where necessary.

We can offer a reliability and versatility that fits with their plans and goals. Learn more about the support available at all stages of the peer review management process, including email management.

“We have worked with Editorial Office since 2012, and we continue to be very impressed with their support and professionalism. With their reliability and versatility, we have no reason to look elsewhere.”

Andy Collings, Executive Editor, eLifeVisit the eLife website