The Royal Society of Chemistry is a not-for-profit publisher, with 40 peer-reviewed journals and a mission to advance excellence in the chemical sciences.
With fast times to publication a key point of both journals they needed a partner who would provide them with an exceptional combination of speed and accuracy, plus the flexibility in resources to accomplish all tasks on a daily basis, regardless of volume.

Having worked efficiently and effectively on two journals in the first year of collaboration with the Royal Society of Chemistry, the success of our partnership resulted in them placing a third, larger journal with us within less than 12 months.

We complete new and revised submission checks on all three journals, working to strict protocols which include some procedures specific to these journals. We are happy to adapt our processes to suit.

All work is carried out by our freelancer team and data is automatically captured by our bespoke timer software which enables quick spot-checks for accuracy and productivity. Each team member is timer tracked for each task. 

For The Royal Society of Chemistry (and all our partners), this data allows us to offer additional training if productivity suggests that an individual spending too long on certain papers. Bottlenecks in processes are also identified and corrected. 

Timing for each journal is tracked annually to ensure that tasks remain productive, and efficiency is improved wherever possible.

Raw data is available subject to anonymisation and clearance by the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Partner feedback

  • Speed and accuracy is an utmost priority
  • Training needs are identified
  • Productivity is assess and bottleneck identified
  • Efficiency is improved with annual assessments