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“We will continue to partner with Editorial Office because it has proven, for several years, that it has been a cost-effective decision with a positive performance return.”

Bryan Hibbard, Journal and Production Manager, Society of Petroleum Engineers

When the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) were looking for support to perform editorial duties on their publications, they approached Editorial Office. They were looking for help with handling paper submissions, but what they report to have received is so much more than basic assistance. Together, we have improved workflow processes and in turn ensured outsourcing to Editorial Office has been a truly cost-effective decision for the team.

International partnerships are no problem

Due to redundancies and budget constraints, SPE were searching for support to perform editorial duties to continue with their publications. SPE approached Editorial Office looking for help with handling paper submissions, which included answering author queries and ensuring papers were checked before releasing for review – all part of our peer review management services.

SPE told us how they experienced a smooth transition and encountered no issues working together from the beginning. SPE provided a user guide and along with several phone conferences, our staff member and Editorial Assistant, Wendy Tilley ensured SPE’s processes were followed without issue by the Editorial Office team. 

SPE are based in the US and they often highlight that the six hour time difference is an added benefit, with many of the required tasks already handled before the team start their day. It’s been an unforeseen benefit and we’re proud to offer as many small advantages to our partners as we can.

Partner feedback

  • Excellent support
  • A wide range of services
  • Prompt to respond 
  • Works diligently with authors
  • Dependent on Editorial Office’s staff’s opinions and suggestions to improve workflow

Using our knowledge to improve your workflow.

SPE have solved their staff resourcing issues by using Editorial Office, but they have also made the most of our team’s experiences too. Editorial Assistant, Wendy Tilley, works closely with SPE and is committed to providing excellent support to their authors and the Editorial Review Committee. She is prompt to respond and performs with knowledge and understanding of ScholarOne. Importantly, the workflow has been streamlined with efficiency thanks to her.

What makes Editorial Office is different is that our team stay in touch consistently. This enable us to closely follow process requirements of our partners. SPE tell us regularly how Wendy embraces changes to the system with complete understanding and support. As Brian Hibbard, Journal and Production Manager, told us:

“Our authors and committee members consider Wendy part of the SPE team!

 Wendy consistently provides knowledgeable insight into our processes compared with other clients she supports. Because she is so familiar with peer review, I am dependent on her opinions and/or suggestions to improve our workflow. We’ve made multiple changes since the beginning, and it’s not easy to embrace process changes without notice. She has shown competence to adjust the workflow, as requested, and handles the change without issue.”

Furthermore, SPE continue to see that working with Editorial Office has been a cost-effective partnership with a positive performance return.

“It is an added benefit with the six-hour time zone difference that many of the required tasks are already handled before I start my day.”

Bryan Hibbard, Journal and Production Manager, Society of Petroleum EngineersVisit the SoPE website