Selma Maloumi joined as a new editor when EO was already engaged in providing editorial services. In this case study, Selma shares how working together has supported her in her new role, as well as given her more time and streamlined processes. This has ensured the peer review process continues to move along quickly and efficiently.

eLife and Editorial Office have been working together for nearly a decade. Offering ongoing support and building long-term relationships is vital to the improving the services we provide for all of our partners.

FEBS Press and Editorial Office have a long-term relationship, having first worked together from 2014-2016, and then again from 2018 until the present day.
We are proud to step in and offer support when they need it most – from busy submission times to staff absences.

SAGE Open was receiving submissions faster than their team could process them and they needed additional support with peer review tasks, while they grew their in-house peer review resources. Editorial Office stepped in to offer the support they needed.

As with many businesses, 2020-2021 included unsettling, as well as surprising times. BJUI saw a huge increase in journal paper submissions in the first six months of the Covid-19 pandemic and when a staff member left, there was a danger the team could be overwhelmed. Together, Editorial Office has ensured that not only has any overwhelm been avoided, but that BJUI are now using their systems in a more integrated and efficient way thanks to the sharing of expertise and experience.

The Royal Society of Chemistry is a not-for-profit publisher, with 40 peer-reviewed journals and a mission to advance excellence in the chemical sciences.
With fast times to publication a key point of both journals they needed a partner who would provide them with an exceptional combination of speed and accuracy, plus the flexibility in resources to accomplish all tasks on a daily basis, regardless of volume.

When the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) were looking for support to perform editorial duties on their publications, they approached Editorial Office. They were looking for help with handling paper submissions, but what they report to have received is so much more than basic assistance. Together, we have improved workflow processes and in turn ensured outsourcing to Editorial Office has been a truly cost-effective decision for the team.